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Powerful Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Cylinder Turning High Durability

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Powerful Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Cylinder Turning High Durability

Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe for turning 5000 mm Diameter Cylinder

1. We provide the perfect CAD/CAM information processing and 3D design software, combined with domestic higher-educational institutions to form a science and technology association. We averagely launch more than 5 high technical patent products annually.

The company has passed ISO9001 international quality management system certification, CE Certificate, EAC Certificate, BV Certificate ,etc and become one of the 100 progressive growth enterprise supported by the Qingdao Government. It is also an enterprise supported by the national innovation funds. As a key enterprise in Shandong province, we are the first enterprise that researched and manufactured the large floor-type lathe series.

Application of Heavy Duty Lathe : This is a kind of heavy duty horizontal lathe machine, which can be also designed into steel roll turning lathe, lathe machine, CNC Milling lathe machine, CNC Drilling Lathe Machine, it is Professionally utilize high-speed steel and carbide cutting tools to finish rough or finish turning process for not only the non-ferrous metals like various structure steels, casting steels and irons, cylinders, shaft, etc but also the external,internal cylindrical , conical, spherical surfaces, thread of non-metal materials and all kinds of the surface of curve rotary body.

Curently the Maximum Diameter over Machine Bed can be 6000 mm. Max.Length between centers can be 120000 mm. Max.Weight of steel roll, cylinder, sahft can be 60T.

We are China Professional Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe Manufacturer with 50 years experience, we can design and amanufacture all kinds of machine tools , lathe machines according to different customers' request with high quality but cheap price, because double win is our business principle and target. that is why we can obtain a lot of orders every year.

2. OUR ADVANTAGES & FEATURES about Horizontal LATHE Machine:

1. More than 50 years experience in designing and manufacturing customized Horizontal Lathe, Roll turning lathe, lathe machine, horizontal CNC lathe, vertical lathe , Conventional Lathe and other machine tools.

2. We have our own FOUNDRY, which can control and guarantee the castings quality very well.

3. 4 guide rails with telescopic steel cover of lathe machine with high rigidity, stability and accuracy after ground by our 12 meters big gantry grinding machine

4. We have our own annealling furnace to do surface treatment of QUENCHING and HARDENING.

5. High torque capacity of headstock of lathe machine

6. Zero backlash with ball screw.

7. Rough & finish machining is achieved in the cnc lathe machine with SIEMENS or FANUC cnc control system

8.Tailstock is electrical control with pressure display, which obtained our national patent.

Exported Countries :

Russia, Georgia, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Argentina, Australia, Turkey, Italy, Norway, India, Iran, Inodesia, Brazil, Panama, Colombia, etc

3. Technical Parameters of Horizontal lathe Machine

CG61 series Heavy Duty horizontal Lathe
Guide rail Type Rectangle 4 Guide RailsRectangle 4 Guide RailsRectangle 4 Guide RailsRectangle 4 Guide RailsRectangle 4 Guide RailsRectangle 4 Guide Rails
Swing diameter over machine bedmmφ1600mmφ2000mmφ2500mmφ3150mmφ4000φ5000
Swing diameter over cutting tool carriagemmφ1250mmφ1600mmφ2000mmφ2500mmφ3500mmφ4000
Guide rail width of machine bedmm1600mm1800mm2000mm2000mm2200mm2500mm
4 jaws single action Chuck diametermmφ1250mmφ1600mmφ2000mmφ2700mmφ3000mmφ4000mm
Max.Length of work-piecemm8000mm10000mm10000mm10000mm15000mmq20000mm
Work-piece WeightT20T25T32T40T50T63T
Spindle Diametermmφ260mmφ300mmφ300mmφ320mmφ360mmφ400mm
Spindle Speedr/min5-165r/min2-165r/min1-92r/min1-92r/min1-60r/min0.5-80r/min
X Axis Strokemm50-800mm100-1000mm`100-1250mm150-1580mm200-2000mm200-2500mm
Z Axis Strokemm2000-8000mm2000-10000mm2500-10000mm2500-10000mm3000-15000mm3000-20000mm
X axis rapid speedmm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2000mm/min2000mm/min2000mm/min
Z axis rapid speedmm/min3000mm/min3000mm/min3000mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min2500mm/min
F Cutting tool blade sizemm60*60mm70*70mm70*70mm80*80mm80*80mm80*80mm
Tailstock spinlde diametermmφ290mmφ290mmφ320mmφ320mmφ360mmφ410mm
Tailstock sleeve strokemm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm300mm
Tailstock moving method ElectricalElectricalElectricalElectricalElectricalElectrical
Tailstock Tip Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 120 1:7Metric 160 1:7
Max.Torque of cutting tool carriageKN60KN80KN80KN80KN100KN150KN
Max.Torque of ChuckKN·m25KN·m35KN·m43KN·m55KN·m90KN·m233KN·m
Total Cutting ForceKN65KN90KN110KN120KN160KN210KN
Total PowerKW45KW55KW75KW75KW90KW128KW
Lubrication Motor PowerKW0.37KW0.55KW0.56KW0.57KW0.58KW0.59KW
Machine DimensionsCM920*265*230920*320*3601000*360*2501100*400*3701120*500*4701150*550*515
Machine WeightT30T35T45T50T55T65T

Remarks: The above technical parameters of roll turning lathe is the standard specifications, we are also specialized in manufacutring customized lathe.

4. After-sale Service

1. Engineers are available for roll turning lathe machine installation , commissioning and training at the user factory.

2. The quality warranty of Heavy Duty Horizontal Lathe, Lathe Machine, CNC Lathe is 12 months.

3. Machine Accessories: Roll Rest, Center Support, Heavy Chuck, Chuck jaws, Follow Cutting tool, etc.

For more details, please feel free to contact us.

Thank you for attention.

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Quality Powerful Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Cylinder Turning High Durability for sale

Powerful Horizontal CNC Lathe Machine Cylinder Turning High Durability

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