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Coaxial Rotary Joint High Performance Slip Ring for Car Mobile Communications

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JINPAT Electronics Co., Ltd

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Coaxial Rotary Joint High Performance Slip Ring for Car Mobile Communications

Coaxial Rotary Joint High Performance Slip Ring for Car Mobile Communications​

Rotary High Performance Slip Ring ​Description

The LPHF Series features precious metal contacts at the rotary interface. Flying lead wires on the rotating side and solder terminals on the stator side complete the electrical connections. Precision ball bearings and the patented fiber brush design allow operation up to 10,000 rpm without the need for cooling equipment. Fiber brush technology offers several advantages over conventional slip ring contacts including multiple points of contact per brush bundle, low contact force per fiber and low contact wear rates. In addition, fiber brushes do not require lubrication and produce virtually no wear

It is specially designed for high frequency signal transmission, the frequency could be high to 50GHz

Rotary High Performance Slip Ring ​Advantage


Compact design

Precision ball bearings

Transmitting up to 21 channels

Working life up to 1, 000, 000, 000

Frequency range from DC up to 50 GHz

High crosstalk attenuation and excellent VSWR

Extremely long-lived rotary joints are available as coaxial and waveguide units

Low attenuation loss and low variation of transmission during rotation

Rotary High Performance Slip Ring ​Features

Coaxial line with SMA connectors, to match your system

Small Size and lightweight, to fulfill your compact design

upto 18GHz working frequency

Rotary High Performance Slip Ring ​Option

Single channel design

Working in high shock environment

Exceed 100km fiber data connector

Integrated power channel and signal channel

Housing material/ Package style

Rotary High Performance Slip Ring ​Main Application

Vehicle Turrets

Medical Systems

Radar Antennas

Robotics Vehicles

Security Systems

Material Handling Systems

Sensor Platforms

Remotely Operated Vehicles

Video Surveillance Systems

Fiber Optic Cable Reels

Marine Population Systems

Wind Energy Turbines

General Mechanical and Environment data

Rotating Speed, max.

100 rpm

Life, min.

5 x 10 revolutions

Starting Torque

1 Ncm max.

Continuous Rotational Torque

1 Ncm max

Axial load on interface, max

±5 N

Radial load on interface, max.

±5 N

Case material

Stainless steel

Material contact

Beryllium Copper

Weight, approx.

11.2 g


Adhesive Label

Radio Frequency Specifications

Interface Type

SMA Female (50 ohms)


I type

Frequency Range

DC to 18 GHz

Peak Power, max.

1500 W @ 1 GHz

Average Power, max

200 W @ 1 GHz

70 W @ 12 GHz

50 W @ 18 GHz

VSWR, max.

1.20 @ 0 to 6 GHz

1.25 @ 6 to 12 GHz

1.30 @ 12 to 18 GHz



Insertion Loss, max.

0.25 dB @ 0 to 6 GHz

0.30 dB @ 6 to 12 GHz

0.40 dB @ 12 to 18 GHz

Insertion Loss WOW

0.04 dB

Phase WOW (degrees max.)


(Ambient Range)

-50 to +70°C (Storage)


85% (Operation)

95% (Storage)

IP protection level

IP 60 per EN 60529

Outline Drawing

Company Style

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is Jinpat?

We are leading manufacturer specialized in many types and appliaction of Sliprings.

2. What do we do?

We focus on developing ,designing ,manufacturing high quality sliprings, and offer various solutions for rotating systems.

3. How long have we been in the business?

Jinpat established slip rings business since 1996 , we have thousands of customers accepted our products or services.
JINPAT has the right solutions for you.

4. What is our ability and production capacity?

Our factory area is more than 50,000 square feet,which includes advanced production line,R&D center and Testing Laboratory.
We offer standard model and customised solutions for various application . The factory is equiped with advance testing facilities.

5. What is Jinpat advantages?

We offer flexible solutions for different customers; promt delivery.

6. Why choose Jinpat product?

We are ISO9001 certified company with stricgent quality control system.
- Most of our test equipment are best advanced .
- Long life product span .
- We offer competive price with reliability.

7. Whom with us?

We are coopearting and growing with customers in difference industries. Our expertise meet various requirements and standards as well as in military specification.

8. How long is your delivery time?

1 week ARO for standards.

9. What is the caution while slip ring is installed?

Please see "Installation guide".

10. What signals could be transferred? Is Multi-signal capable?

It is very wide, such as USB, RS232, RS485, thermocouple, Ethernet, Servo, H1M1, video etc.

11. What is the voltage & current range of the slip ring?

Normally, It is mV ~600V & 0~3000A.

12. What is the through bore slip ring ID range?

5mm.to 500mm. Could be customized.

13. Is 500rpm your highest working speed?

No, our R&D engineers could design slip rings according to your special requirements, and the working speed could be high up to 10,000rpm.


The operating life of the unit depends upon temperature, rotation speed and environment.

Contact us on wire color codes

We can not display more information on the website for sake of keeping trade secrets. Please send your request for more solutions to us via email

If you want to know more details about JINPAT Slip Rings, please contact us with your special needs!

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Quality Coaxial Rotary Joint High Performance Slip Ring for Car Mobile Communications for sale

Coaxial Rotary Joint High Performance Slip Ring for Car Mobile Communications

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