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JR Information Technologies Co.,Ltd

JR Information Technologies Co.,Ltd,is a professional manufacturer of VoIP (Voice Over IP) terminal products, dedicating in designing, producing, marketing, and supporting top-ranking IP phones and gateways as well as offering customers excellent and customized service for pre and post sale.
??JR aims to establish and maintain her name brand. JR has been paying every effort to keep a good control to the design and qualification of her products to meet the world demand. Her manufactory has brought in international advanced manufacturing line and comply strictly with the ISO9001 (International Organization for Standardization), which ensures her good qualification control capability. In addition, JR168 series have been CE and FCC certified.
JR has enrolled a group of administrative and technical talents with high education and profound professional knowledge. We have a set of high-level leadership being accomplished in administration, conducting a systemized, standardized and high-efficiency management. Moreover, we offer our staff consummate training for excellent customer service.
?? With the satisfied quality control ,customer service and strategic win-win space, JR has established strong and long lasting relationships with many channel partners, such as China Telecom, Mobile?UNION?CNC?CRC.JR provides them with excellent products for broadband audio application and offers integrated solutions for soft switch system to support and grow these partnerships. Our target users are businesses that transmit large amount of voice, data and information among various locations, domestically and internationally, on a regular or continuous basis. Hereby our products have been recently being used by many Chinese enterprises and the private network of bank, post, public security systems etc. Meanwhile they are also exported to the USA, Canada, Mexico, UN, Thailand, India and so on.
??In the pursuit of the aim to establish and maintain our name brand, we wo

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