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48F Single Mode Fiber Optic Pigtail LSZH SC/APC Connectors

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48F Single Mode Fiber Optic Pigtail LSZH SC/APC Connectors

Distribution Fiber Optic Cable 48F Single Mode Fibers With SC/APC Connectors And Pulling Eye

The distribution bundled pigtail fiber, also known as the tail fiber bundle, has a connector at one end and a broken end of the fiber cable at the other end. It is connected to the core of other fiber optic cables by splicing, and is often installed to connect terminal equipment in the ODF frame box, fiber terminal box. There is an added black net at the connector side to protect the connectors and is shaped into a pulling eye which plays an important part when construction.

Product information

Connector typeSC/APCFiber count48
Fiber number2Fiber mode9/125μm G.657A2
Wavelength1310/155nmConnector materialPlastic housing and boot
Insertion loss<=0.3dBBreakout length0.5M
Fiber gradeBend insensitiveReturn loss≥60dB
Cable jacket materialLSZH/PVCCable diameter6.0mm mini cable
Vibration≤0.2dBOperating temperature-20-+60℃


◆ Singlemode or Multimode cable◆ From 6 fibers to 48 fibers◆ With SC, ST, FC, LC, MTRJ, or E2000 connector

◆ Fiber type available: OS1, OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4, OM5

◆ Low insertion loss and high return loss◆100% inspected for optical characteristics before shipment


◆ Equipment to equipment patching

◆ Epon/Gpon passive optical network

◆ Termination enclosure for equipment patching

◆ Fiber to the x, Fiber to the building

◆ Backbone application in building

◆ Active device termination

Drawing and cable length tolerance

Length Tolerance

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Quality 48F Single Mode Fiber Optic Pigtail LSZH SC/APC Connectors for sale

48F Single Mode Fiber Optic Pigtail LSZH SC/APC Connectors

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