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Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd.

    Shaoxing Shangyu Jiehua Chemical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Shangyu Jiehua) was established in 2001. We have strong technical foundation and production strength in the field of peroxides. After continuous technological innovation, capacity expansion, variety expansion and market development, Shangyu Jiehua has rapidly developed into an important production base for peroxides in the Asia-Pacific region and one of the world’s leading peroxide suppliers.

    Our peroxide products are widely used in industrial and civil washing, environmental protection, agricultural production, food processing, medical and health, metallurgy, paper, textile, petrochemical and other industries. Existing products include sodium perborate, calcium peroxide, magnesium peroxide, potassium monopersulfate, synthetic magnesium silicate adsorbent, sodium percarbonate, etc. We have commodity production workshops and OEM processing production line that meets GMP requirements. Our existing production capacity is as follows: sodium perborate reaches 20,000 tons, magnesium peroxide reaches 3000 tons, calcium peroxide reaches 3000 tons, and potassium monopersulfate compound reaches 12000 tons.

    As an innovative modern enterprise, Shangyu Jiehua persistently emphasizes technology development, product quality and environmental protection., continuously increases investment in research and development technology and the establishment of research and development system. At present, the Institute of Peroxide has been established, and a number of scientific and technological innovation platforms with strong professionalism, high level of research and complete infrastructure have been established by many universities and research institutes, and a core technology system with independent intellectual property rights has been initially formed. Our main product, sodium perborate, is listed as a national high-tech product.

    Shangyu Jiehua adheres to the quality policy——creating value for customers with first-class quality. Shangyu Jiehua is committed to providing customers with products and services that satisfy or exceed their expectations, and strives to meet the customer's target value and create a first pass QMS (ISO9001) and EMS (ISO14001) dual system certification.

    Shangyu Jiehua has always been committed to providing the latest and most environmentally friendly chemical products for the domestic and international customers. The company has determined the development strategy——make strong peroxides and create a century-old foundation,and is determined to become the pride of the global chemical industry! Each of our effort is to make us your most trusted supplier of high quality peroxides, your most trusted global partner.

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